Harriette Club T&Cs

Use of Harriette Club Lounge Facilities

(a) Situated on the ground floor of the Common Property is the facility known as the
Harriette Club Lounge (Lounge).

(b) The Lounge is:

1. provided for the shared use, benefit and convenience of the Owners and Occupiers and their guests at any time subject to (b)(iii).

2. will be available for use up to a maximum of 6 hours at a time, subject to availability (Event);

3. not available for exclusive use by the Owner or Occupier for any other purpose after 11 pm unless with the prior written approval by the Owners Corporation.

(c) To exclusively use the Lounge an Owner or Occupier must:

1. make a booking reservation (Booking) using the electronic booking app called Harriette Club App (HC App).

2. if requested by the Owners Corporation pay when Booking a cleaning deposit of $200.00 (Cleaning Deposit) to the strata committee.

3. At the conclusion of the Event:

a) leave the Lounge (including the Lounge kitchen area) tidy and clean including the wiping of all surfaces;

b) dispose of all rubbish;

c) wash all glasses, utensils and or crockery ensuring that any dishwasher is left empty and clean and return all glasses, utensils and or crockery to the place where those items are ordinarily stored;

d) report to the Owners Corporation that the Owner or Occupier has left the Lounge clean and tidy in accordance with the provisions of clause 35(c);

e) The Owners Corporation may make any reasonable deduction from the Cleaning Deposit to compensate the Owners Corporation for any breakages as may be required by the Owners Corporation.

(d) The Cleaning Deposit will be refunded in full or in part to the Owner or Occupier when the strata committee is satisfied that the Lounge has been left clean and tidy in accordance with clause 35(c).

(e) If the strata committee in its absolute discretion considers that the Lounge has not been left has been left clean and tidy in accordance with clause 35(c), the Cleaning Deposit may be forfeited either partly or in full to the Owners Corporation.

(f) The Owners Corporation or strata committee may use the Lounge for the purposes of holding meetings of the Strata Scheme.

(g) At its absolute discretion the Owners Corporation may at its discretion, temporarily restrict, place or create further conditions relating to the use of theLounge and or upon any Owner or Occupier in relation to that Owner or Occupiers use of the Lounge who breach any obligation under this by-law.

(h) An Owner or Occupier is responsible for any damage directly or indirectly caused during use of the Lounge. The Owners Corporation may recover from the Owner or Occupier all costs of rectifying such damage.

Conduct when using Harriette Club Lounge

(a) When using the Lounge the Owner and Occupier must ensure that all invitees and guests of the Owner and Occupiers must be adequately clothed and must not use language or behave in a manner likely to harass or cause offence or embarrassment to the Owner or Occupier of another Lot or to any person lawfully using a Lot or Common Property.

(b) Subject to compliance with any relevant law relating to the consumption or sale of alcohol, alcohol may be consumed in the Lounge provided that the drinking of alcohol is not consumed excessively and invitees and guests do not become intoxicated.